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Last Updated 12/12/2011 5:08 PM
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Point Priority 

What is Point Priority?
Point Priority is very simple loot system. Everyone starts out with 0 points and gets +1 point per item looted. The player with lowest amount of points will be prioritized for getting the item. In case two (or more) people want the same item and they have equal amount of points, rolling will decide who will win. 

Example: Raider A (5 points) and Raider B (3 points) announce they both want the item that dropped. Because Raider B has less points than Raider A, Raider B will receive the item.

Overruling: In special conditions where the Guildlead sees fit, they may overrule the system. Extreme example, someone has green shoulders and epic shoulders drop. Then we see it fit to give that person priority above everyone else and receives the item.

New raiding recruits
In case of new recruits joining, the recruit will automaticly get the equal amount of points as the person highest in their role (DPS, Healer, Tank). This to prevent ninja looting and to prioritize core raiders over new recruits.
To stimulate joining the raiding core, whenever a recruit is accepted in the core. Their points will get a 1/3th deduction, so they can start looting aswell.


You can always see your standings compared to others by checking out the Public Notes ingame.

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